Core Competencies

Executive Leadership; Business Re-engineering; Change Management; Process Improvement;

Strategic and Operations Funding; Non-Unionized and Unionized Workforce; Strategic and Operational Planning; B2B | B2C | B2G Sales & Marketing; Sales Planning & Forecasting; Business Development; Family Business Succession Management; Financing: Debt | Equity | Loan; Brand Development; Talent Management; Product Development; Product Commercialization; QA | QC Systems; Relationship Management; Stakeholder Management.



We work with companies large and small, from any part of the world. We tailor our approach to fit the client and ensure that strategy can be maintained in the short- and long-term. Our experienced professionals work closely with the high-level decision makers to identify strengths and weaknesses that are crucial to understanding the steps to drive positive change.

Our team will spend some time observing your business’ operations, getting to know and understand it from the ground up.


We pride ourselves in having extensive experience that provides us with the necessary foresight to understand the fastest route to prosperity.

After a thorough analysis of your facilities, management and employees, you will receive an easy to understand, comprehensive report with actionable results.

We highlight 30, 60, and 90 day plans that make sense and will excite you to move on to the implementation stage.


We work with you to implement the measures outlined by our team. Our discipline is the key to staying on track and maintaining steady growth.


Not only do we facilitate efficient turnarounds and changes, we also train executives to be better executives and leaders. We ensure that all employees are well equipped to support the changes proposed.


We have experience successfully negotiating union related issues and labour disputes for large companies, as well as succession issues for family businesses.  Our job isn't done until stability has been restored and your goals are achieved.


We understand that every company is unique and may have a complex financial structure. Even a simple financial structure may require a complex solution. With access to a large international investor base (through both private and corporate channels), we are able to provide financial support tailored to your company’s needs. We strive to make certain that your company can withstand changing markets and maintain profitable growth in the long term.

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